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Shield Fashion collaborating with Swiss Shield

is currently the top-rated manufacturer for the most innovative and sustainable anti-radiation tech fashion in the  Health & Care industry.

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Magic In The Palm Of Your Hand! 

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2021 was a complete challenge as we had to develop new ideas to create anti-radiation accessories with Swiss Shield Inside technology to protect you and your family against radiation and COVID.

Check out our new anti-radiation smartphone case and the most advanced face mask in the industry.

Maximum Protection, Mini Sized!

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 Meticulously designed to be absolutely beautiful and powerful as it is portable. Whether you’re scrolling through your inbox or chatting with your friends in whats app, it has the power to have you shield everywhere!

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Common EMF Sources

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A microwave produces 100-500 from about 4  inches away. As the microwave ages the seal weakens increasing the amount of EMF released.

Cell Towers

Cell towers contain antennas and emit a higher frequency microwave that can travel up to 45 miles away. 


While modern day TVs produce much less radiation the levels of EMF have increased as our TV's have gotten smarter connecting to WiFi and other networks.


Computers produce between 4-20 mG from about 4 inches away. The closer you are the stronger the electromagnetic field.


While WiFi doesn't produce EMF with high frequencies,in todays modern world there is barely a time where we are not exposed to WiFi EMF.

We highly recommend you read the Apple

recommendations to prevent Radio Frequency



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