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Does cellphones and laptops affect your baby when pregnant?

The pregnancy term is when one should be particularly careful about the different health hazards

in the environment in order to ensure that the developing fetus is safe. Increasingly, we have

become a generation that relies heavily on smartphones and wireless gadgets to get many

functions done. What this also translates into is that radiation is all around us, and there is a need to understand if this could potentially harm the mother and developing fetus during pregnancy.

Prenatal care is when utmost precaution should be taken for the fetus to grow into a healthy

baby. Wireless technology incorporates non-ionizing radiation in order to function, by creating

an electromagnetic field (EMF) and by also using radio frequency (RF) waves. This kind of

radiation is extremely low and does not usually cross the threshold at which it could be harmful.

Also, medical researchers have yet to prove any link between low-frequency radiation and

potentially harmful effects on the fetus.

Nevertheless, it helps to include a few extra precautions when you’re expecting. Apart from

mobile phones, a number of gadgets also emit non-ionized radiation, like laptops, WiFi routers,

Bluetooth headsets, fitness trackers, and security sensors. There is no reason to completely avoid

using all these, but a little caution can be directed towards using these gadgets less frequently

and also keeping them away from you physically when not in use. Stand away from the

microwave when it is on. Turn off devices that are not in use. And probably hold off on getting

that fancy baby monitor until you can get a safer and more utilitarian one.



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