Anti-radiation curtains ensure that external radiation cannot access your safe home environment.

Often there is a transmission tower at too short of a distance (within 400 meters as the crow flies). This mast often has a transmission unit from multiple providers,

the 5G part is now added to this.

By protecting that specific side of the house by, for example, providing the window with anti-radiation curtains you keep the radiation out.

From translucent, lightweight net curtains in front of single windows all the way to decorative heavy curtains along whole walls – Swiss Shield® prevents electrosmog from penetrating into interiors.

Since the rooms are screened, the occupants are effectively and safely protected from unwelcoming ­external electromagnetic radiation.

Please note: We sell the fabric from which the curtains are made and not the curtains themselves

 Color: white

Curtains -custom made

152.00$ per 100 Centimeters
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