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What is SHIELD?

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3 Great tips for cellular use

3 Tips for A Healthy Relationship with Your Cellphone:

Tip #1 – Talk Trough Air
Instead of holding the cell close to your ear, use non-radiation headphones like Air Headphones. 

Tip #2 – Sleep apart

Before you go to sleep, leave the cell outside your bedroom (or at least away from your bed) to avoid long radiation exposure.

Tip #3 – Out of the pocket

When not in use, keep the cell away from your body and put it in your handbag or on a table next to you.

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we must learn to dance with the waves

We believe co-existence is possible between us humans and with our modern technology.  

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What is EMF protection?

Wikipedia: "The practice of reducing the electromagnetic field in a space by blocking the field with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials."

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Powered by Swiss Shield

The brand Swiss-Shield® stands for globally unique, patented high-tech textiles with proven protection material properties. Swiss-Shield® manufactures textiles to ensure an efficient shielding of electromagnetic fields. ShieldFashion is a proud partner of Swiss-Shield®

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We the people have a free will; we can create our future!   Co-existence between different people, who respect each other, and will live together.

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