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What is Shield Fashion?

 Our hard work provides you with the most effective anti-radiation gadgets and wearables in the market using Swiss Shield technology.

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What is EMF Protection?

Wikipedia: "The practice of reducing the electromagnetic field in a space by blocking the field with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials."

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Tips for cellular use!

Tip #1 – Talk Through Air
Instead of holding the cell close to your ear, use non-radiation headphones like Air Headphones.

Tip #2 – Sleep apart

Before you go to sleep, leave the cell phone away from your bed to avoid long radiation exposure.

Tip #3 – Out of the pocket

When not in use, keep the cell away from your body and put it in your handbag or on a table next to you.

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Powered by Swiss Shield!

The brand Swiss-Shield® stands for globally unique, patented high-tech textiles with proven protection material properties. Swiss-Shield® manufactures textiles to ensure an efficient shielding of electromagnetic fields. ShieldFashion is a proud partner of Swiss-Shield®

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Why do Cellphones pose a health hazard?

NTP scientists found that RFR exposure was associated with an increase in DNA damage. Specifically, they found RFR exposure was linked with significant increases in DNA damage in:

  • The frontal cortex of the brain in male mice,

  • The blood cells of female mice, and

  • The hippocampus of male rats.

We highly recommend you to read the Apple recommendations to prevent Radio Frequency Exposure 

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Why Shield Fashion

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At the moment we offer home products that will protect you and your family from radiation caused by everyday devices like cellphones, laptops, microwaves, wifi, etc.  In the future, we will offer outdoor products like clothing and accessories that will allow us to enjoy the amazing technology without having to worry about radiation. During a time the world is changing and we all consume more screen time we must learn to dance with the waves. 

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