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Does using headphones for your phone really reduce cellular radiation?

Headphones are one of the best accessories to pair with your cell phone. Concerns about radiation from cell phones are valid, and wired headphones offer a way to minimize any potentially harmful effects.

Mobile phones use radio-frequency (RF) waves, a non-ionized form of radiation, in order to connect to cellular antennae, WiFi routers, etc. They emit a significant amount of heat when used for long hours. Someone who is on the phone quite often would be increasing the radiation near their head, along with the heat that is emitted. There is no definitive scientific proof that mobile radiation can cause brain tumors, neurological issues, and such, but it is always better to take suitable precautions.

What really happens when you use wired headphones?

Using a wired headset means that you can continue with your long calls without having to hold the mobile phone close to your head during the entire duration of these calls. However, you still have to keep your device away from your body, especially around the abdominal area where there is no solid bone protection for your internal organs. Also, standard wired headsets use metal to amplify the sound and conduct the radiation from your phone to keep you connected.

The most practical approach would be to limit mobile phone usage to only when it is absolutely necessary and use suitable radiation protection headsets to block any absorption of the RF waves emitted. Since many are concerned about mobile radiation and switching to headsets to reduce proximity to the head, it would also be advisable to opt for a product that does not amplify the radiation.



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