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What are the health issues that can occur when living close to a cellular antenna?

Cell phone towers use radio frequency (RF) waves to communicate with other antennae, or cells,

to send and receive signals. These cell phone towers are base stations for that particular area.

With the increase in the number of mobile phone users, there has been a simultaneously rapid

growth in the setting up of cell towers.

Cell towers do emit low levels of non-ionized radiation, which is different from the more

harmful X-rays and gamma rays. It is normal to think about the potential health hazards if you

live near one. There is no direct answer with regard to this issue, as long-term exposure to

radiation from cellular towers is still being studied.

Potential radiation-related health issues

Health issues occurring from living in close proximity to a cellular antenna depends on a few

factors. When living in a more crowded area, it would mean that there are many mobile users

whose devices connect with the towers nearby. The increased usage is bound to give out a lot of

heat. The positioning of the antenna, in terms of distance from the ground, also matters. A

number of cellular antennae are set up on building terraces in cities.

Radiation from these antennae is not likely to cause any damage to one’s DNA, although it has

been connected with symptoms like nausea, headaches, etc. Even though there is no definitive

research that proves the adverse effects of cellular antennae, it is advisable to ensure that you

reside away from one, especially those mounted on buildings in densely populated areas.

Getting yourself a radiation expert is something to consider if there is a signal tower visible from your window when looking for a new apartment or house.

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