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How do cellular radiation and gadget use affect kids these days?

Children are often more susceptible to changes in the environment, especially since they are still in the early stages of development. The use of cell phones and wireless devices has some impact, too. Currently, children are exposed to cellular radiation from very early life due to the increase in the use of wireless technology devices.

Wireless devices use radiofrequency or RF waves in their processors. The low-frequency ionizing radiation is in extremely low doses, and any effects are not immediate. However, prolonged exposure to cellular radiation has been associated with health issues.

Cellular radiation effects in children vs. adults

Kids these days are quick to grasp technology and can navigate through any handheld device with incredible ease. However, radiation from these cellular devices is likely to affect them in a stronger way than it does adults. The reason for this is that the tissues and brain cells are still very tender and much thinner in the early stages so they have more absorption power. The effects of radiation are directly related to the extent to which it is absorbed by the human body, and children are more vulnerable.

Potential long-term effects of cellular radiation on children

Medical researchers continue to study the long-term impact of cellular radiation. Studies conducted on rats do show that radiation can modify cell structure. While there is no concrete list of what the harmful effects of cellular radiation on children might be, it is good practice to limit their exposure to such devices. This can effectively ensure that they grow up healthy.



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