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Essential Things To Know About Cell Phone Radiation & Children’s Health

The bodies and growing minds of children make them uniquely vulnerable to the effects of the environment around them, particularly cell phone radiation. More than ever before, technology is being adopted by children at younger ages. And this makes it even more important to investigate whether cell phone usage is a health hazard for children.

What is Cell Phone Radiation?

There are two types of radiation — ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation comes from X-Rays, sunlight, radon, and other modes and has high frequency and energy. Non-ionizing radiation has low frequency and emanates from cell phones. Our cell phones send radio-frequency waves from their antennas to nearby cell towers, and when we text, make a call or use data, our phones receive radio-frequency waves to their antennas from cell towers.

So how can we limit cell phone radiation for our children?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends limiting the use of cell phones for teenagers and children. AAP reminds parents that cell phones are not toys, and are not recommended for toddlers and infants to play with.

Safety Tips for Usage of Cell Phones:

When possible, use text messaging, and use cell phones in speaker mode or with hands-free kits.

Try holding the cell phone an inch or more away from your child’s head when talking on the phone.

Read what Apple thinks about RF Exposure

Teenagers are particularly fond of watching movies on their cell phones. To avoid unnecessary exposure to cellular radiation, they should download a movie, and switch to airplane mode and watch it.

A weaker cell signal, makes the cell phone give off more radiation. It is better to wait for a stronger signal before using the device.

One should try to avoid making calls in elevators, cars, buses, and trains as the cell phone works harder to get a signal through metal, and the power level increases.

Knowing about preventive measures arms parents with the information they need to make informed choices and decisions for their children. The health hazards of cell phone radiation can be used as a good reminder to limit children’s screen time and exposure from cell phones emitting radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF).



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