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3 of the top high-radiation products we use every day

We live in a world where lifestyle choices include being surrounded by a number of

technologically advanced gadgets. One does not always realize that some products emit radiation and that a few of the commonly used gadgets are on the higher side of that spectrum. Going bythe frequency of use and also the considerable amount of radiation emitted, the top three high-radiation products would be mobile phones, microwave ovens, and laptops.

Potential effects of radiation from these sources

Cell phones and laptops emit electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. This is an extremely low

non-ionized type. However, both these products are frequently used, as well as kept in close

proximity to one’s body for a considerable number of hours every day. This can potentially

increase your risk of developing health issues. Researchers continue to study to effects of radiation from laptops and mobile

phones, but it is better to take suitable precautions and reduce the amount of radiation exposure

to whatever degree possible.

Microwave ovens are used at least a few times in a day, where radiation in the form of

microwaves is used to heat up food. No matter how safe the microwave oven is designed to be,

there is always the potential danger that radiation can be absorbed by the person in the room and increase health risks in the long run.

Precautions when using high-radiation products

Since we cannot do away with laptops, cell phones, and microwave ovens completely, the best

precaution to take is to limit usage and also ensure an adequate physical distance. The individual

can use a headphone instead of directly keeping the phone to the ear, use a desk and radiation

shield for laptops, and stay away from the oven when it is on, etc.



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