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5 Leading Products for Radiation Testing

Radiation levels can be measured using specifically designed commercially available products. There are many industries that use nuclear energy, and there is bound to be a certain amount of radiation as a result. Even products that are used in daily life can have radioactive elements. For instance, smoke detectors contain minute amounts of Cesium. Radiation testers are advisable to use when exposure to radioactive elements is high. Regular testing of radiation levels helps determine exposure, and to decide if any safety protocols are required based on the results.

Products that are used to test the radiation dose level are called dosimeters. These dosimeters can help detect if there is radiation and also measure the dosage. They also come in different forms. You can use wearable tech like watches or rings to check the level of radiation on your person. You can also use handheld gadgets or fixed devices to check the radiation amount in the environment.

Here are 5 products that work great for radiation testing:

Geiger-Mueller or G-M detectors: This is a handheld meter that can detect radiation on people and in the environment.

Personal dosimeter: This is wearable tech that detects exposure to radiation, particularly in the area where the device is worn.

Electronic Personal Dosimeter or EPD: This is a handheld device that can also be worn, with alarms for indication radiation levels.

Radioisotope Identification Device or RIID: This is an advanced device that helps alert to severe radiation zones.

Personal Emergency Radiation Detectors or PERD: This is an alarm device that can be set at the threshold of the rate of exposure



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